American River Conservancy

 American River Conservancy (ARC) protects  habitat, native fisheries, scenic vistas, and recreational lands within  the upper American River and Cosumnes River Watersheds, having  successfully protected over 26,000 acres to date.  ARC also offers high  quality educational programming and practices land stewardship, the  recognition of our collective responsibility to retain, manage and  enhance the quality and abundance of our land, air, water and  biodiversity. http// 


Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays

 Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays (CCaWW)  promotes, preserves, and stewards Indigenous Culture and is dedicated to  caring for the land, animals, and waterways.


Fishery Foundation

 Fishery Foundation is a group of  professional biologists organized as a non-profit whose mission is to  improve fisheries resources in the state of California. The Fishery  Foundation's goal is to provide services that benefit fish communities,  populations and habitats so that commercial and sport fishermen will  have improved opportunities to catch fish in California. 


Trout Unlimited

 Trout Unlimited believes that conservation  should be a true partnership between landowners, agencies,  municipalities, and all stakeholders. Trout Unlimited works to protect  critical habitat, to reconnect degraded waterways, and restore  populations to coldwater fisheries. 


Landmark Environmental Inc.

Landmark  Environmental, Inc. provides planning and consulting services with the  full range and depth of technical expertise needed for environmental and  water management planning, permitting, and field services.