Watershed Initiatives


Multi-Benefit Projects

Partnerships and a collaborative approach are essential to implement the landscape scale solutions needed to address watershed challenges.  The Cosumnes Coalition is excited about several important projects and actions:

The Nature Conservancy's Oneto Denier Cosumnes Floodplain Restoration

The Nature Conservancy completed restoration at its Oneto Denier project on the lower Cosumnes in 2014.   From 2014 to 2017, recharge amounts of 700 to 5,280 acre feet per year have been measured.   More information can be found here 

Omochumne Hartnell Water District's Recharge Project

Omochumne Hartnell Water District is implementing a groundwater recharge project on the lower Cosumnes, using high winter flows to flood a vineyard adjacent to the river.  The project mimics the  natural flooding that would occur if the levee system didn't prevent it.  Extensive monitoring has been incorporated for research purposes, adaptive management and replicability at other locations.

Regional San's Sacramento County Agriculture & Habitat Lands Recycled Water Program

Reg San has been awarded a California Water Commission water storage grant to support implementation of their in-lieu recharge project located between Highway 99 and Highway 5 and bordering the Cosumnes River.  In-lieu recharge means diminishing groundwater use by using recycled water for irrigation.  More information can be found here .

Foster Meadow Restoration

 Plumas Corp. is working with the US Forest Service to restore the Middle Fork Cosumnes headwaters Foster Meadow and expects to start construction in 2019.  


Preservation and Stewardship

In addition to participating in multi-benefit projects and regional efforts such as integrated regional water management planning, storm water resource planning, and groundwater sustainability planning the Cosumnes Coalition and its partners work to:


  • Preserve habitat and agricultural lands to create connectivity from headwaters to groundwater
  • Provide science based education to engage communities in watershed stewardship
  • Support small watershed communities in seeking funding to improve fire resiliency and manage runoff
  • Implement watershed clean up 
  • Monitor water quality, flows, and salmon escapement
  • Share indigenous traditional ecological knowledge to restore watershed lands

Ervin Ranch: Another Step in Connecting the Watershed

Cosumnes Coalition partner American River Conservancy has secured Ervin Ranch, a 1740 acre property that includes key Chinook spawning areas, and anticipates closing escrow this summer.  Ervin Ranch is another important puzzle piece in creating connectivity between Deer Creek Hills near Rancho Murieta, and El Dorado Ranch, on Highway 49.

Watershed Clean up

Interested in a healthy waterway?  Want to help out?  River clean up is scheduled for September 21st in 2019.   Contact us here to volunteer!  

Cosumnes Salmon Escapement Monitoring

The Fishery Foundation monitors Cosumnes salmon escapement and out migration, work they have done for over a decade. More information on Fishery Foundation can be found here .  

ARC Cosumnes River Water Quality Monitoring and Gaging Program

The ARC Cosumnes River Monitoring Program  is CEDEN compliant and approved by Water Resources.  The program gathers water quality data, measures flows, assesses habitat, and  monitors project outcomes.   The program welcomes Citizen Scientists!   Share your interest here if you'd like to learn more. 

Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays Indigenous Land Stewardship

Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays offers cultural education, teacher training, and hands on stewardship training to care for the land from an indigenous perspective.  Learn how to join in here .